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Why Alpacas

Here are a few reasons why you may want to raise alpacas

Whether you own a farm or choose to board your Alpacas with an experienced breeder, raising Alpacas provides a great second business for those wishing to maintain their current careers. Since they are easy to raise, Alpacas do not require a great deal of time or effort. Often family members or part-time help can perform the required animal care, making Alpacas the ultimate second business.

Alpacas are mid-sized, gentle natured animals small enough to be handled by anyone. With a diet composed mostly of grass and hay, not much more than a fenced-in pasture is required. Up to seven Alpacas can be raised per acre of land. No special equipment, not even a barn, is needed. You need only provide fresh water and some shelter from the sun and wind, a three sided shed is the shelter of choice with many alpaca breeders.

Raising Alpacas has the added benefit of participation in national, regional and local Alpaca shows, organizations and events. Shows provide the opportunity to compete with other breeders for ribbons and prizes. The Alpacas industry is blessed with creative leadership and talented people willing to volunteer their time to make the shows and events a truly outstanding in showcase for our Alpacas. This works to the benefit of all Alpaca owners who can participate in these events.

Alpacas can be fully insured protecting the owner in case of loss from death or theft. The insurability reduces the risk associated with Alpacas as an investment.

The alpaca is an amazingly peaceful animal. Not only is their temperament tranquil and easy for their owners, but their physiology is also sensitive and gentle to the environment. This harmonic relationship allows alpaca owners the freedom from anxieties that owners of more demanding livestock must face.

Updated December 11, 2015